I have built my career in human services on learning as much as I can about trauma and through serving survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. I served as a founding member and Program Director of SWITCH, a local nonprofit in South Carolina, for six years where I had the incredible opportunity to work one on one with local survivors, train a team of staff to create a holistic case management program, build volunteer teams to conduct regular outreaches in the community, and speak to thousands of individuals (locally and internationally) on recognizing, reporting, and responding to red flags of human trafficking. I am blessed to have seen the agency develop and grow from the birth of a mere dream in 2012 into what it is today- a sustainable and thriving nonprofit serving hundreds of women and spreading awareness of human trafficking and sexual exploitation to tens of thousands of individuals here in Upstate, SC.  I feel privileged to have served as the Program Director and to have had the opportunity to build, develop, and grow multiple programs and to equip and empower a team of individuals in the community to serve survivors and to love without conditions. I am living proof that the Lord doesn’t call the qualified- He qualifies the called. I had (and still have) no letters behind my name. When I started this work in 2012, I was only a 22-year-old college student with nothing but a heart filled with compassion, a desire to fight against injustice, and a passion to advocate for survivors. I remember distinctly coming home from a mission trip to Africa in 2011 and feeling called to serve oversees in the anti-trafficking movement when I felt the Lord say, “I haven’t called you to go.. I have called you to stay.” The decision to stay and serve through the agency’s beginning and first stages of growth was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Six years later, I felt the Lord say, Thank you for staying and for being my hands and feet as a movement was born in the Upstate, SC. Now it is time to go…”

I now serve as the Program Director of Jasmine Road, the first two-year residential restoration program for adult survivors of human trafficking, prostitution, and addiction in South Carolina. I am thankful to continue working, though in a different capacity, to continue the fight to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation here in the Upstate. Building relationships with survivors and walking alongside them throughout their restoration journey is the reason I began working in this movement to begin with. My survivor friends are my “why”, and their resilience, passion, and steadfastness through immense trial have helped me to learn more about myself and to find the courage within me to be resilient through my own trials.

I am passionate about raising awareness and believe that understanding trauma and its impacts on us is essential to effectively serving and promoting healing in the lives of individuals who have experienced trauma.

Below I will post links to blogs written relating to ministry, working in the non-profit world, or on the topics of trauma and/or human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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