Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

IMG_3394Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (having two or more miscarriages in a row) is a heartbreaking infertility diagnosis I would not wish upon my worst enemy. Statistically, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss takes place in less than 1% of couples. In some cases, a cause or explanation for recurrent loss is able to be found, however 50% of the time recurrent pregnancy loss is unexplained. Since May 2014, David and I have lost 8 babies. The picture on the left is our first little Blessing at 8.5 weeks. This is one of only two ultrasound pictures where we have been able to see our little baby and their heartbeat flickering on the screen. Our journey so far has been one of many tears, questions, frustrations, and confusion.

David and I have decided to share our journey publicly for a number of reasons, and none of those reasons include wanting people to feel bad or sorry for us.  People don’t like to talk about one pregnancy loss, let alone eight. It’s awkward, it’s uncomfortable, and most people don’t know how to talk about it or how to respond to someone who is going through it. Despite the uncomfortableness of talking about it, those of us who are experiencing this type of grief need to talk about it. From my experience, the only thing harder than going through recurrent pregnancy loss is going through it in secret. I hope to encourage even just one person who is struggling (or knows someone who is struggling) with infertility, a miscarriage, infant loss, or recurrent pregnancy loss by writing and sharing my experiences.

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