Shepherd and Eleanor’s Nursery

I have had a few of you ask to see Shepherd and Ellie’s nursery! I will say, the room is quite small (we had no idea we would need to fit TWO cribs in there when we bought our house 7 years ago!). The nursery is honestly a bohemian dream- simple, gender neutral, and full of hope and little sweet touches.

We decided to go with white acrylic cribs so that the cribs would feel less “intrusive” and the cribs would almost disappear. I am OBSESSED with our cribs from Pottery Barn Kids! When they first came in, I won’t lie, I was a little unsure. But once we painted the nursery and began putting up the decor, the cribs just made the space feel so right and I am so glad we went with them!

We chose a crib sheet from Caden Lane in the pattern “Leafy Greenery” and I am OBSESSED! They are so beautiful and are oh so buttery soft. I loved them so much I also got the matching robe for me and two gowns for the babies.

I am in LOVE with their names above their cribs! I found a seller on Etsy who does custom laser-cut wood carvings and they turned out perfect. The edges are darker since they were burned and we decided to forgo the paint color options and go with the raw wood.

The color we chose is Sherwin Williams “White Mint” and I could not love it more. We knew we wanted a lot of natural materials like raw wood, rope, and wicker, and also a lot of greenery. Having a lot of green was important to us because it reminds us so much of life. This was a room we had prayed in for nearly 7 years for a baby, and after 8 recurrent pregnancy losses, we were excited to bring home two living, breathing, healthy babies!

The glider is from Target, and we actually had it for over 3 years before putting this nursery together! It was one of the first “faith purchases” we made while going through infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. That glider has literally held us through so many tears, questions, journal entries, prayers, heartbreak, and times of worship. Above the glider we chose to hang 9 arrows, each one representing the babies we never got to bring home to the nursery but who are an important part of our family just the same. The arrows are from Hobby Lobby, but I decided to paint most of them to go with our color scheme. But no two arrows are exactly the same- they are made of different materials, are different colors, and are different lengths representing the unique characteristics of each one of our angel babies.

My husband, David, is super handy. We actually were just close friends for about two years before we started dating. I think watching him build a bookshelf for me and fix a rickety headboard on my bed is what made me start to “like him, like him”. Either that or watching him fix something under the hood of my car!

David built or made so many things in the nursery, which makes it all really special. I can’t wait to tell Eleanor and Shepherd about all the special pieces their Daddy build just for them, and I hope one day they will enjoy learning to build and make things with David one day.

I fell in love with these hanging rope shelves on Etsy, and of course David said “I can make those”. I honestly love the way his turned out even better than the ones online, and it was less than half the cost in materials.

We knew we really wanted a book shelf, but because the room was so small we couldn’t find anything anywhere that would fit in the space. Even the minimal acrylic wall shelves were out of the question, because we just didn’t have the wall space. I really loved this one I found on Amazon, but the dimensions weren’t quite right and it was too big for the space. David ended up building the perfect little ladder bookshelf that worked flawlessly with what little space we had left in the room. It holds plenty of books and has some space underneath where we store some of their smaller toys.

We decided to remove the door to the closet to allow more space in the room, and I am so glad we did! We removed the wire shelf and rod, and David added some custom white built ins with two raw wooden rods on each side for each baby. We found some cube wicker baskets to put on the shelves to store their shoes, hats, bows, and some of their toys and accessories. On the top shelf there was room for 5 more rectangular open wicker baskets, which were perfect for storing blankets and swaddles, extra sheets, diapers and wipes, and really anything “extra”.

We really had to get creative with the changing table! David used the top of an old round table and cut it in half to make a semi circle surface. We figured out the changing pad we wanted would fit perfectly on top, and the semi circle design would make the table feel less intrusive, as it was right at the doorway when you enter the nursery. We knew we wanted to go with the Hatch Grow changing pad, because it has a built in scale for weighted feeds and we knew that with breastfeeding twins it would be important to make sure the babies were gaining weight appropriately. It’s also super easy to wipe down and clean, we love it!

David custom designed the table around the Hatch changing pad and the semi circle top. We knew we wanted the Ubbi diaper pail, so he made sure there was space for the diaper pail to fit perfectly. We ended up finding some great wicker baskets that were just the right size and attached 3 to each side to store diapers, wipes, cleaning supplies, medications and supplies, and anything else we might need to grab quickly. I was worried we wouldn’t have enough storage at first, but honestly we have plenty of space and some of the baskets are still mostly empty!

We replaced the light fixture with this one I found at the Home Depot. I love the wood beads and it is so pretty and casts the best light. I loved this one from Anthropologie originally, but when I stumbled upon the one from Home Depot for less than half the price I was SOLD!

We decided to go with a light, linen curtain for a fresh, airy feel. We found these on Amazon for a great price and I love how they turned out! They do not darken the room, so we have a pull-down black out blind we use for when the babies are napping.

We have a small play area in front of the window with a faux sheepskin rug and a wooden play gym that I LOVE! It brings in all the boho, wooden beads and raw wood vibes and the babies (and our dog, Layla) really love it, too!

And of course, since Eleanor and Shepherd are our rainbow babies, there are little rainbows throughout the nursery. Our favorite items (in addition to their names above their cribs) are their beautiful mobiles and rainbow plush that our friend, Kelsey, made for our rainbow themed baby shower. That shower was seriously a dream, I will have to write a whole separate blog post on it!

I’ve been telling her she needs to open up an Etsy shop- I’ve had at least 5 people message me randomly when they see the precious mobiles in a photo or video I post.

I hope you enjoyed the “tour” of Eleanor and Shepherd’s nursery. I linked most of the products, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out! The best way to reach me is on Instagram. It is my favorite space in our home and is just a dream come true to see two babies sleeping and playing in there. This space is truly an answer to years of prayers and I am just so grateful.


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