What’s Going In My Hospital Bag?

It’s surreal to think after 6 years and 8 pregnancy losses that I am ACTUALLY packing a hospital bag and preparing to bring home TWO babies from the hospital! The miracle of that is not lost on me. So many friends and family members have been so helpful to share all of their “pro-tips”, suggestions, and advice regarding what to bring to the hospital. I hope to pay it forward by sharing this list with you, now, so maybe you don’t have to spend as much time doing the research as I did.

Since I am pregnant with twins, there are a few more unknowns with exactly what we will need. I have a major tendency to overpack and I really did not want to do that in this case, so the list I put together is pretty much the bare minimum of what I thought I could get away with bringing after a ton of research and asking around.

My husband, David, will be packing his own bag with his essentials, including comfortable clothes, toiletries, snacks, etc. I am not listing his packing list here, but if your Baby Daddy is curious, you can always reach out to me and we will be happy to share!

For Labor and Delivery:

We are planning for a vaginal delivery, but with twins we will deliver in the operating room regardless and need to be prepared for the possibility of a cesarean section for one or both babies. It is possible that Baby A could be delivered vaginally as planned, but Baby B may require a cesarean.

Because of this, I will definitely be getting an epidural at some point during labor. We are hoping to go into labor naturally, but if we haven’t had the babies by 38 weeks my doctors will make a plan to induce labor.

Some items we are packing for labor include:

  • A wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • Massage oil and a few hand massage tools for David to use to help ease back pain and any anxiety I may be feeling
  • Dum-dums for a little sugar or energy (I won’t be allowed to have anything to eat, and depending on how long labor lasts, a little bit of sugar could be helpful!)
  • A big water bottle to stay hydrated- I will be allowed to drink clear liquids only, and I like to drink a lot of water and I like for my water to stay ICE COLD! I love this bottle from Iron Flask.
  • Chewing gum
  • Snacks for hubby (but he better not be eating them in front of me!)
  • Essential Oils- Lavender, Peace and Calming (for my anxiety- after 8 pregnancy losses the struggle is REAL), Peppermint for nausea, and Joy. I am not bringing a diffuser because we will deliver in the OR, but a lot of people recommended it!
  • Flip flops/ slides to walk around in- I love these Adidas slides– they have boost material in them so they’re super comfortable and they’ll be perfect for the hospital shower or for walking around pre-epidural or post partum.

For Post Partum:

We are hoping to make it to at least 36 weeks gestation before the twins arrive, but there is always the possibility they may come early! Just in case, we wanted to pack a few things we may need in case the babies are born pre-term as well as some post-partum essentials for both a vaginal or cesarean delivery.

Some items on our post-partum packing list include:

  • Extra-long phone chargers- one for both me and the hubs
  • iPad- We have an iPad pro and it takes better pictures than our phones do and we will also be using it to put together a video after the babies are born. A book or a Roku was also recommended, but we can read those or watch Netflix on the iPad.
  • A personal (dark colored) towel- I was told the hospital towels are very thin and flimsy, and so many people recommended bringing your own towel!
  • A nursing bra
  • A pumping bra (If babies are born pre-term, need to go to the NICU, or need feeding assistance, I want to be prepared to be able to comfortably pump breastmilk for them in the hospital!)
  • Nipple Cream- I have two different brands- one from Bamboobies and one from Earth Mama, but I’m just bringing one with me to the hospital
  • Nipple Pads (I was gifted these reusable Bamboobies from a Lactation Consultant at one of our baby showers!)
  • Maxi Pads- Some people say the ones the hospital provides can be a little TOO thick, so I brought a few of my own just in case
  • High-waisted cotton panties– I plan on using and taking as many of the hospital disposables as I can, but wanted the option of having “real” underwear just in case I hated the hospital ones
  • Gas-X
  • Colace
  • Toilet paper- an overwhelming number of people suggesting bringing your own roll of toilet paper! I do detest thin, flimsy tp and could see how that may be an issue with all that will be going on post partum, so I will be throwing a roll of Charmin in my hospital bag for sure!
  • Nasal strips (my pregnancy congestion is really bad and these have been SO HELPFUL to keep me breathing through my nose at night!)
  • Eye drops (I wear contacts and my eyes get dry)
  • Extra contacts
  • Glasses
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Chapstick
  • Face wipes
  • Ear plugs (I probably won’t use these after the babies are born, but my husband might! If we have a long labor before they arrive I will likely use them then to try to sleep)
  • Eye mask
  • Deodorant
  • Dry shampoo
  • Hair brush
  • Hair ties
  • Make up (I have just put some of my makeup essentials in a small bag that I keep on my bathroom counter so I can grab it quickly and throw it in my bag when it’s go-time!)
  • A comfortable robe- I one from Caden Lane and it is SO SOFT! You can also get “Mommy and Me” matching robe/baby gown sets that are ADORABLE!
  • A couple of button-down nightgowns- I ordered some cute ones on Amazon
  • Comfortable socks
  • Flip flops or slippers- I love these Adidas slides– they have boost material in them so they’re super comfortable and they’ll be perfect for the hospital shower or for walking around pre-epidural or post partum with socks on.
  • Nursing Pillow- since we are having twins, I have a special nursing pillow for tandem breastfeeding from My Brest Friend
  • Personal pillow and blanket for me and for hubby
  • “Going Home” outfit for Mom and Dad- I found these custom “Mommy” and “Daddy” Bella Canvas T-Shirts on Etsy and thought they would be perfect!
  • Baby Books for stamping their feet- I love these Promply Childhood Journals that have written prompts as well as spaces to add photos! They actually go from pregnancy- 18 years! I feel very overwhelmed at the idea of keeping up with scrap-booking, etc for twins, so I loved how these are simple yet comprehensive and think they will make a great gift for the twins one day when they turn 18!

For the Babies:

We haven’t packed the babies’ things yet, but some items we will be including are:

  • Portable sound machine
  • Blanket Swaddles (Mostly just for a couple of cute newborn photos)
  • Name announcement signs- We ordered some cute wooden signs from Bitty and Boho on Etsy!
  • “Going Home” outfits

Hopefully this list is helpful to you if you or someone you know is preparing to pack their hospital bag! Of course, if there is anything I forgot please don’t hesitate to reach out or leave a comment! I will plan to update this list after the babies are born and add any items I wish I had packed and items I brought but didn’t need. We will definitely also be bringing an empty duffle bag for all the hospital freebies! I have heard the disposable underwear, extra swaddles, diapers, etc. are definitely worth the effort to haul out of there, even with two new babies in tow!

The days and nights are long in this last stretch of the pregnancy and the wait, but I know the babies will be here before we know it! It definitely feels good to know we are packed and ready for whenever they are!


One thought on “What’s Going In My Hospital Bag?

  1. Oh how I love to read your blog posts and continue to follow your journey! You, David and your precious baby twins are in my continued prayers! I can’t wait until the babies are born and you meet face to face! Praying for your safety and protection as well as the babies. Rest up and keep looking up as our Heavenly Father continues to pour His blessings upon you! 💗💙


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