It’s Twins!

We are excited to announce that after 6 long years and 8 heartbreaking losses that we are expecting TWINS this October!! I won’t share all of the details here, but just know that this pregnancy and both of these babies are nothing short of absolute miracles.

We still don’t have any answers as to why we lost our first 8 pregnancies and we don’t know why this pregnancy has been different except for this: He is the God who heals, He is the God redeems, and He is the God who restores and rewrites our stories. I cry everyday at each of the little details He is writing into our story and I honestly can’t believe that He chose me to carry these little miracles and to be their mom. We have not taken a single day with these sweet babies for granted. My prayer for them and for our family is that everything about our stories and theirs would point people to Jesus- the one true gift and our ultimate redeemer.

If you are a loss mama or are struggling with infertility, I know how much pregnancy announcements can sting. My prayer in sharing mine is to give you hope that He truly is the God of miracles and He is the God who sees you. He sees you in your brokenness and He is still writing a beautiful story. I think about you so often, and I’m praying for breakthrough and redemption in your story just like He has done in mine.

Thank you to everyone who has stood beside us the last 6 years, remembered our sweet babies in Heaven (they are each represented with balloons in our announcement photos), grieved with us, hoped with us, and especially prayed for us. Pregnancy after so much loss is incredibly challenging, but it is also immensely rewarding and has taken us to even deeper places with Him. We could never replace the children we lost, but we are immeasurably grateful for these two gifts of abundance God has given our family. We are beyond excited to meet them and kiss their sweet faces… October can’t get here soon enough!!


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