Hey there, I’m Lindsay!

I am so glad you’re here! As an “introverted external processor”, writing is a passion of mine. It is one of many creative avenues I use to express myself, my thoughts, my trials, and my triumphs. I find exceptional joy in encouraging others, and I hope that you will find encouragement in these posts.

I am a sucker for travel and adventure seeking. I’ve bungee jumped into the Nile River, zip-lined across the canyons and rappelled down waterfalls in Ecuador, scuba’d the Great Barrier Reef, swam with dolphins and sharks, explored the rain forest, toured the Roman Colosseum, explored a cave in Mexico 80-feet underwater, viewed the world from a mountaintop 13,000 feet above sea level, hiked the plains of Africa, cruised the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas, journeyed through a shipwreck in the Bahamas, and observed the beauty in my own United States of America from sea to shining sea. Feel free to check out my travel photos if you’re interested!

I am happily 5 years into marriage with my wonderful husband, David, who happens to love thrill and adventure as much as I do. My favorite adventures by far are the ones we embark on together. With every great adventure, however, comes great trials. The idea of an adventure is often romanticized and glamorized through highlights, stories, and pictures that don’t delve into the hard stuff. Most people don’t hear the parts in my adventure stories where I cried out in pain from the blisters that formed when hiking across the African plains or about the hundreds of mosquito bites I got while trekking through the rain forest in Australia. Most people don’t see the depths of our biggest trial yet, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, because we haven’t gotten to the “triumph” part of this adventure yet. You can follow our journey here.

I have built my career in human services on learning as much as I can about trauma and through serving survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. I am passionate about raising awareness and believe that understanding trauma and how it impacts all of us is essential to effectively serving and promoting healing in the lives of others. I feel incredibly grateful to have opportunities to speak to thousands of individuals (locally and internationally) and to be used as a catalyst to educate, empower, and equip communities to love others compassionately and without conditions.

I don’t think we can truly appreciate the beauty of life and adventure without the whole picture of both triumphs and trials. On this blog you will find short excerpts from both personal and professional adventures. The posts are meant to be encouraging and inspiring for others to go deeper with one another in life, embrace the beauty of vulnerability, and recognize their own innate courage and resilience to overcome their trials. 


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  1. Hey Lindsay…my name is David Little and I am the Associational Missionary for the Lakelands Baptist Association in Greenwood, SC. We are having an association-wide women’s event in April and would love to talk to you about being our speaker for the evening. It will be held in Abbeville at South Side Baptist and will have approximately 250 women in attendance. If you are interested, please let me know. My work number is 864-227-6261 and my cell is 864-378-8429. Thank you!

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  2. Hi, I just read about your multiple losses and I’m so sorry. Have you been checked for the MTHFR gene mutation? If not, please get checked. It’s linked to miscarriages and might be what’s going on. I’m praying for you.


  3. Hello Lindsay,
    My name is Brook. I’m just a mom of 4 boys and a nurse here in California. I came across your story from your husband’s submission to “love what matters.”
    I’ve had 6 miscarriages….all fairly early on. I was devastated but being a mom was my biggest dream so I was driven to try and try and try again. I found a medication that my doctor let me try. It worked. I was able to have 3 more healthy boys and never had a miscarriage again. If you’d like, I would be willing to share my story with you and see if there is a chance that this could be your miracle too. I don’t want to be pushy so I’ll wait for you to respond.
    God loves you and he has a plan for you.
    Love, Brook


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